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Thank you Daniel.
Regarding flight booking let me know the arrangment you made as I would like
to organize a trip to Martinique and return to Brussels from there.

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>What about flight and hotel booking for non Funredes team (i.d me)
The hotel is already reserved for everybody, those we pay and those we dont.

We are going to cover the cost of all except "institutional" participants
take care of the airline reservation and prepaid from St Lucia.
Institutional are, so far: ICA, Unesco, AEC, CARICOM, Cariforum, Interreg,
Swiss Coop.,
Union European, OECS, Union Latine (but here we have a special deal where
they invite 2 people and we cover DP).

Claude, you are NOT considered as institutional and will be covered.

It's time to check the situation of Jean Yves.
Jean Yves is no more AEC and not yet EU if I understand well.
Do you need us to cover your expenses and then come as a non institutional

As for Armelle, please confirm that OECS will cover your hotel costs.
Are you going to sleep at the hotel (I would suggest you do so)?

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