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RE: CARDICIS: Logistic data for CARDICIS workshop

RE: CARDICIS: Logistic data for CARDICIS workshop

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Hi everyone,

I just talked to a member of the carib organisation : Prosper Paris
and I send him the document by fax !!!
he said he cannot come himself but the choice of the representative will be done collectively by all the caribs and he need 2 days to do so
he can give me the name thursday, jeudi

here it is



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Subject: CARDICIS: Logistic data for CARDICIS workshop

To avoid delaying more the management of airline reservation and precise
hotel reservations with names and dates I have concluded a first step of a
logistic document whoch could be conveyed to the Travel Agency and the
hotel managers together with the participants list (to have email adresses).

We still need to add the name of translators.
We still need to add people from Dominica (Armelle, any news?) and have two
process with AEC and CPDC/Barbados.

People of CARDICIS list: please check carefully the data concerning you and
report mistakes.

Hermina, could you initiate the process of airline reservations?

Deirdre, I put the travel agency in copy and leave for your follow-up.
Could you follow up
and do the same with the 2 hotels.

I will transfer the logistic responsibility to morrow afternoon to
Margarita and Javier.

Nearby mar 10 ago 2004 12:47:19 AST

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