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Re: CARDICIS: General checkpoint

Re: CARDICIS: General checkpoint

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>I'll call External Affairs about Javier as soon as they open. Going by the
>list I sent I think the Cubans must be officially OK
Yes; the visa question for Cuban refers to Cuban process.
<advance taxis. I'll send you the prices from Vieux Fort and Castries

>- Need urgently to make decision on interpretation equipment. Just spoke
>to Mr Gustave. He only has email for Trinidad suppliers and they still
>haven't sent the quotation. He is working on the LAN and the equipment.
>Senaida, please can you re-send the list of extra equipment you still need
>- computers, taperecorders, television etc. so I can check?
>- Margarita to prepare detailed checklist and follow up (Internet access,
>interpretation, facilitation material...) OK - I think this is what I need
>- see above :-)
Margarita, please follow up.

> Need budget for social event We're looking at $1000 EC (less than $400
> US) details a little later
You have my OK.

>- Need to send Information note, but first need translation and
>distribution list. I'll do the English now
Please check last version.

>St Lucians, could you help with distribution list with email or fax
>numbers? I've made a draft which I'll send to
>Paule and Armelle for feedback and addresses I don't have
Is there a possibility that we process that from St Lucian?
If we have to pay for a secretarial service it's fine with me.Electrical
cut in Santo Domingo are making all processes cumbersome...
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